101 Tips, Tricks, and (Hidden) Secrets for Las Vegas Rating and reviews

Live casinos are a lot of fun, but they are notoriously pricey, particularly if you make a vacation out of traveling to a major wagering destination such as Las Vegas. You can use these updated (2015-2016) 101 Las Vegas tips and techniques to earn money, save money, and generally have more fun in Sin City.

I’ve separated them into seven distinct sections to facilitate navigation. The following are the sections:

Organizing Your Trip
How To Get To Las Vegas
Engaging in Casino Gaming
Consuming the Food
Tips for Navigating Las Vegas and General Travel Advice
Investing In Services
Obtaining Comped
Please feel free to continue to the section of 101 tips that interests you. Do not ignore the “Getting Around Las Vegas” section, which contains a wealth of general information about the city. The other major section is the section on playing casino games. It contains excellent advice on all types of wagering games.

I’ve also included links to additional resources where applicable. I always open links in a new tab or window so that I don’t lose my location on the page I’m reading. You can then immediately return and conclude perusing the 101 recommendations.

Preparing for your vacation to Las Vegas.Organizing Your Trip
Before playing poker in person, it is recommended to play online.
A little online poker practice will help you understand the game’s structure and the progression of each hand. You will not become a poker expert, but you will be familiar with the order of play.

Set a daily budget for wagering.
It is one thing to establish a wagering budget for your entire trip, but it is preferable to divide your gambling budget into days. Thus, you won’t be compelled to visit an ATM and spend more than you had planned. If you have leftover funds on any given day, you can either designate it profit or divide it up and add it to the remaining days of your excursion.

Las Vegas prohibits prostitution.
Las Vegas is rife with prostitution, but it is illegal. In Las Vegas, you can locate hundreds of “escort” services, but you do so at your own peril. In Las Vegas, prostitution is a murky enterprise in which many things can go awry. If you are interested in such activities, you can locate legal brothels in other Nevada communities.

Pay in advance for your return voyage.
Ensure that your return voyage to Las Vegas is paid for, including a complete tank of petrol, whether you drive or fly. Thus, you will still be able to return home if you lose your pocketbook or gamble excessively. I hope this piece of advice is not useful, but you never know.

Extra Tip

Jean Scott is known as the Queen of Comps, so it’s a good idea to consult her blog when planning a trip.

How to Get to Las Vegas
Consider booking your flight during off-peak times.
Major gambling destinations have both peak and off-seasons. If you book your flight during one of these off-seasons, you can save a considerable amount of money. During the spring and summer, Las Vegas experiences its offseason. Consider scheduling your vacation during the “off months” of Las Vegas if you are flexible.






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